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C64 Giana Sisters cover

The Great Giana Sisters: Original Commodore 64-brukermanual

One night, when little Giana from Milano was fast asleep, she has a strange dream. Everybody dreams weird things at night, but no one will have experienced situations like little Giana is about to.

Giana suddenly finds herself in a strange mysterious world, where everything is completly different. Gravity has almost disappeared - sometimes one feels like flying away - and everywhere there are unxeplainable buildnings and structures. Old grottos and deserted castles seem to hide lots of secrets, and frightening and hideous creatures appear. This wouldn't be too bad, except that Giana can't leave this world unless she finds the magic, huge diamond. So she starts searching for this wonderful jewel.

However, she is not totally alone, for her little sister Maria can dream, too.

To start dreaming, press [1] or [2] for one or two players. If the two player option has been chosen, Giana and Maria can play by turns. The change will be made everytime one of the sisters has an expecially bad dream.

Connect your joystick to the port #2. The figure will follow your joystick movements. The dreamworld is divided into 33 stages. Your task is to cross this world unscathed, but you must find the magic diamond to be able to return. You can walk and jump everywhere, but beware! Holes, beds of nails and fire can be quite dangerous.

But the sisters can't try everything as many times as they'd like to. If one of the sisters has five extremly bad dreams, Giana is condemned to spend the rest of her life in the neighbourhood of crazy lobsters, dancing eyes and neurotic appendices.

By collecting rectangular blue dreamcrystals tthe sisters can raise their stamina (extra lives). 100 crystals are needed for each. On their way, the to be, at first sight, quite useless. Perhaps you should try to jump against these rocks from below, because more crystals and bonus symbols are hidden there. These are extremly important for further success, and can be collected simply by touching them.

* Level 32: The straight road is not always the right one...
* Not everything is visable.
* It is said that there should be very well hidden magic chambers.
* Not all creatures can be threatened by dreambubbles.
* The big, unlucky dragon, Fucha, cannot stand a resonable amount of dreambubbles.
* Have you ever jumped on a neurotic eye?
* Have you ever played football with a flattened shell?
* It cannot be said that thing bridges are especially stable!

As soon as the game is over, a list will appear which displays today's best daydreamers and also the best daydreamers of all time. If you've managed to dream yourself into this highly desired list, you may enter your name using the keyboard.

By pressing the [F1] key, you can save the best dreamers of all time on disc.

[SHIFT LOCK] to pause/continue game
[RESTORE] to quit (back to menu)

By pressing the [F1] key, you can save the best dreamers of all time on disc.

Written by: Armin Gessert
Artwork by: Manfred Trenz
Sound by: Chris Huelsbeck

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